Raphaela with her shaman drum

Ingo Hampe - Cover The Love Of Alll - Berlin - 08-08-20-149

The Love Of All

The Love of All is is the last single release before releasing The Complete Album – Ancient Angel on 4th March 2021
The lyrics to the song appeared to me in two languages:
English – my soul language and in Hebrew – my mother tongue.

Cover for the Single Ecoute la terre

Ecoute la terre

Ecoute la terre means Listen To The Earth and came to me in French two years ago. I didn’t know then that it would be such a relevant theme today – to listen to the earth and to nature for our own inner balance and for the balance of our environment.

Michael’s Mantra

Michael’s Mantra is the second single of my new upcoming album- Ancient Angel. You can listen to the song on all music streaming platforms

Star Song Single by Raphaela Gilla

Star Song Offficial Video and Single

Star Song is about personal, human matters which are universal. For we are all One.The universe is in us and every one of us is a universe full of lights, shadows, magical nature, beautiful colours…