Raphaela Gilla is a Singer, Vocal-medium, Music channeler & Spiritual creator.

Her work is her soul purpose. In her work Raphaela combines music & spirituality.

She channels vocals, music, sounds, messages & energies from higher dimensions which create a sacred space that activates healing, unconditional love, energy shift, awakening, transformation & the divine feminine aspect. Due to this powerful activation her music changes lives.

Her spiritual roots are a deep inspiration for her work as a messenger from a long, divine tradition of an ancient star-seed tribe.  

Raphaela was born & raised in Israel & is based in London and Berlin. 
Her Jewish-Bulgarian, Polish & Spanish roots influenced her way of singing & granted her voice many colours & characters- from ritualistic shaman through native Balkan to heavenly angelic voices.  
Raphaela Gilla is one of the first artists in Europe that preformed & recorded singing with far east sound instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, chimes, bells & shaman drums.  
Raphaela’s musical education & holistic vocal training enfolds jazz, opera, classical, oriental & contemporary music as well as rock & pop music.

This mixture of vocal and music directions defined Raphaela’s unique style as a singer, vocal-medium & musician.  

Raphaela absolves many years of various musical experience such as soloist in musicals, choirs & ensembles, recording artist, music director & soloist in musical projects, vocals & spiritual teacher & coach, rituals leader & channelling the music of the collective & the Indvidual’s souls.  
By channelling her heavenly gifts that come from divine source & using her long years of diverse musical experiences Raphaela combines her ancient spiritual knowledge, energies & sound beings from higher dimension with her musical life experience & delivers them through vocals, melodies, compositions & sounds. 

Due to that Raphaela’s art leaves a pioneer, fresh & individual mark in the world music genre as well as in the healing niche.