The Story of The Escape Of The Magic Woman Concept Album – Press Text

THE ESCAPE OF THE MAGIC WOMAN is a concept album which represents the story about a universal feminine fiction figure, named Aurora who had extraordinary healing powers and transcendental spiritual gifts and lived in Europe in the 16th century.
Aurora was sentenced to be executed.
She was condemned as guilty for her powerful talents.
However, she had a great luck to be saved at the last moment by a man of honor who knew her from the past when she successfully healed him from a dangerous disease.
The album contains 13 songs which describe Aurora’s journey through the lyrics and the music.
Her journey begins from the moment of her death sentence, her starvation and her escape and continues through her healing process by leaving her painful past behind all the way to coming to terms with her own destiny through her true self-acceptance, spiritual growth, inner peace with herself and with the masculine energy, trust in her right to live and to be loved for what she truly is through being reconnected to the magical power of her soul, to her spiritual guidance and coming back home to her freedom till finely gaining her own self-enlightenment.
This concept album is created in order to shift and transform the Feminine Energy Aspect in oneself and in the world as well as to bring its divinity to awareness, to heal and bring peace, balance and harmony between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine also Yin Yang Energy Principles in ourselves as a reflection into the world as well.
THE ESCAPE OF THE MAGIC WOMAN project was received, written and composed by Raphaela Gilla in Berlin, Germany during the time of lock down caused by Covid-19 pandemic. Her producer, Timour Pinel was responsible for the recording, the production, the sound engineering, the mixing and the arrangements assistant of the album.
They were working on the songs online till the situation was safe enough to meet and record in the studio.
The magical creative process was a huge help which supported both of them with the overcoming of a difficult time of global pandemic.
“The Escape” was the first song to appear. After Raphaela received and wrote it she felt that this song is just the beginning of a long journey project that will become a Concept Album.
After the song “The Escape” Raphaela felt that the process of receiving the songs of the album and writing them was very fast and easy as if they already were there waiting to be manifested through her.
“Old Shadow” is the turning point in the story where Aurora chooses the light over the shadow of her past.
The song “Aurora Awakening Dawn” represents Aurora’s awakening.
This song was received and written in Catania, Sicily inspired by St. Agatha of the city Catania.
In the song “Growing Roses” Aurora makes peace, gains trust and brings love, balance and harmony to the masculine aspect in herself. Her recovered Animus is starting to be reflected in the world around her.
“Think Of Her And Shine” represents the transformation in Aurora’s life that brings the divine feminine aspect to her awareness, new birth, freedom and fresh beginning.
In the Epilogue Aurora and Raphaela meet each other in a conversation.
“Forgotten Land” symbolizes both aspects-the past aspect and the new land- paradise aspect which being represented in the album as heaven on earth here and now.
Raphaela conveys about the project’s universal woman figure-Aurora whom spirit was reviled to her as if she was a real living person. She felt that Aurora wanted to tell her universal story and messages which supposed to be channeled through Raphaela’s lyrics, music and vocals.
Raphaela says: “After two and a half years of dedicated creative work in limited resources due to covid pandemic period I’m so proud to say that we’ve managed to create a timeless music which is a magical important gift for generations to come.
I invested all of my heart & soul in this project & couldn’t make it without the wonderful support of my colleagues! A Deep Thank You to the amazing work of Timour Pinel (loasooo) – Production & Sound Engineering and Mixing, Yuval Miller – Master, Nikola Machova – Album’s cover painting & graphics.
Thank you!”