The Escape Of The Magic Woman Concept Album
Released September 2022

One of my main soul purposes is to bring the energy of the Divine Feminine through channeled singing, music, lyrics and messages. In the concept album The Escape Of The Magic Woman you can feel and hear it very strong.

Ancient Angel Album Cover

Ancient Angel Album
Released February 2021

Ancient Angel Online Tour

I feel the divine energies of the Arch Angels and Angels. I hear and channel their music. Ancient Angel album is a journey that leads you to an encounter with your own Guardian Angel.

Album Eden Cover

Eden Album
Released June 2019

I feel a deep connection with mother nature and sing her songs through the communication with the fairies. One of my soul purpose is to bring inspiration of heaven on earth here and now.

Raphaela Gilla mainpicture

The mystical sounds of spirit are finding the way from higher dimensions directly to my instrument and flowing through it to the world as if they were already there. This is the bridge between heaven and earth that is created through the music.

Merry Maiden Stone Circle, Cornwall, UK

Healing Sounds From Ancient Stone Circles

As a Vocal-medium I hear and channel the sounds of an ancient star tribe and channel the ancient music and energy of stone circles.
❤ Ceremony Circles for the Community.
❤ Channeling the ancient spirits frequencies through vocals and sounds.
❤ Bringing the ancient knowledge through music and messages.
❤ The sacred sounds and vocals influence the frequencies of brainwaves to be more tranquille and in flow which leads to positivity, joy, and lightness in life.
❤ The ancient sounds and vocals influence gently the water in the cells of our body. The frequencies of the ancient energy through sounds and vocals lead to harmonic and flowing state which brings health and balance to our temple-body.