Ingo Hampe - Cover The Love Of Alll - Berlin - 08-08-20-149

The Love Of All

The lyrics to the song The Love Of All appeared to me in two languages: 
English – my soul language and in Hebrew – my mother tongue. 
The Love Of All is about the simplicity of things as they are like the wind, the sun, the mountains, the songs. We can see these things through the eyes of our inner child who sees the world pure and simple as it is, full of love and beauty. High sensitivity enables us to see and feel that in this way when we choose to focus on pure, positive energies.  
Surrendering to what surrounding us, whatever it might be – the sun, the wind, the snow, the trees, nature, the city, people, our bodies… the universe. 
Surrendering means to hear there sounds, to feel, accept and appreciate their harmonies, pure function and their role they fulfil for The Love Of All! 
If you go to my website you will see in the home page, in the beginning of all the channelled message – Energy is Everything. Love Energy is Beyond Everything! 
Love exists long before the beginning of everything.  
Love is the beginning and the endless end of eternity forever and beyond. 
Love is just a word (Ahava – אהבה in Hebrew) for the essence of all existence and none existence, a word for a powerful energy that beyond our comprehend and yet one with our own creation, one with the world that surrounds us. 
Allow your heart and your all body to be open to love energy!  
Our spirit and soul know already which way to go.  
The Love Of All 
When the wind is wind 
Let her go 
When the sun is sun 
Let her glow 
When the mountains are mountains 
Let them dream 
When the songs are songs 
Let them sing 
And above it all 
Above it all 
For the love of all 
Above it all 
The love of all