Testimonial by Nikola Machova – Visual Artist

I am truly grateful that Raphaela found me. Her voice and her song The Love of All of her Ancient Angel album is SO healing and aktivating. It feels like the angels create a protective jelly bubble around you when and after listening to it. I can’t wait to see more music that Raphaela is preparing to show to this world. Go check out her Instagram page!

My collaboration with Raphaela was just magical. We instantly connected. I loved her vision for her music video which she kept very convinient and opened for me as an artist. She let me just the right amount of freedom to put the artwork together so I felt like I could connect with my higher self and bring down of what the spirit was asking.

The whole collaboration felt very earthly and feminine with great amount of patience and love. ❤

Thank you Raphaela for putting your trust into my artistic skill. It means the world to me. ❤”

Nikola Machova wonderfulhippie.art