Michael’s Mantra

This song is about the communication with Archangel Michael, which could go deep into an open heart. The video presents the spiritual journey that starts with being connected to our true selves and from this state asking for help to receive what we truly need till opening ourselves to the magical experience of the angelic connection and communication. In order to communicate and receive unconditionally help from this amazing Archangel the heart chakra has to be open, trusting, humble and brave enough to listen and hear the guidance. When it happens the joy is beyond words. The body, the soul and the spirit are dancing their own dance, the path is clear and our inner beings are grateful. Since my younger age I feel the beloved presence of Archangel Michael guiding me, even if I didn’t know it. With the time I became aware to his divine presence. Michael’s Mantra came to me as a gift from Archangel Michael as I was asking for help and guidance in a difficult time. This mantra helped me in a magical way! To share this gift is my call ❤️

Michael’s Mantra was recorded, mixed & mastered at The Recording Studio London.
All vocals by Raphaela Gilla
Production by Kristian Moller-Munar.
Arrangements by Kristian Moller-Munar & Raphaela Gilla.
Drums & Percussions by Joe Barboza.
Photos & Video Edit by Ingo Hampe.

Thank you so much to all of you and of course to Archangel Michael! ??