Cover for the Single Ecoute la terre

Ecoute la terre

Ecoute la terre means Listen To The Earth. This song came to me in French two years ago. I didn’t know then that it would be such a relevant theme today – to listen to the earth and to nature for our own inner balance and for the balance of our environment. 

There is a very valuable treasure in listening! 

If you listen to yourself you could hear your breath, your heart beats, your pulse and your inner voice, your feelings, thoughts, wishes, your soul and much more than that. 

When we listen to our selves we can listen to others and to our environment as well. 

Our life, our body, the earth and the nature are a gift for our soul, who chose to come here in this body, to experience life, to receive the best of it for us and for our beautiful planet earth. 

Ecoute la terre came to me as a message to remind us to celebrate life, to listen, to receive the gifts that life has for us, to appreciate and nourish ourselves and our environment. 
The role of the angel choir in the song is to bring heaven to earth. 

Here are the lyrics of the song Ecoute la terre translated from French to English: 

Listen To The Earth 

Find and receive 
Your gift today 
The time that changes 
Comes and surprises 
Breathe, go on 
Listen to the earth! 

The chance of life 
Is like a magic 
Receive today! 

Breathe the light 
Sing with the earth 
The voice of the heart 
Is like the sea