“STAR SONG” is Raphaela Gilla’s first single to be released on September 18th in anticipation of her newest album ANCIENT ANGEL. Based in London and Berlin, Raphaela is a singer, musician, spiritual guide, and vocal medium. Her spirituality is a major influence on her work, as well as her Jewish-Bulgarian, Polish, and Spanish roots, which influenced her unique style of singing.
“STAR SONG” is a track about a journey of love. In Raphaela’s own words, it “describes the feeling of Highest Joy when one precious heart opens to you and shows the Unconditional Love in it that’s meant for you.” This beautiful message is delivered by Raphaela’s enchanting vocals and angelic harmonies that truly touch the soul. She says “Star Song was a Gift that was already there completely waiting for me to receive and to share it.” With its release on September 18th, you will truly feel the same about this soul-grasping track.

Violet Childers on Current Music 30 Sep 2020

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