Star Song Single by Raphaela Gilla

Star Song Offficial Video and Single

Star Song

Star Song is about personal, human matters which are universal. For we are all One.The universe is in us and every one of us is a universe full of lights, shadows, magical nature, beautiful colours…
I really wish it will bring inspiration and activate healing, love and positivity in the world.
Star Song is the first, official single and video of my Upcoming New Album Ancient Angel. It is beyond a love song. This song is a journey of love which has different levels Star Song is a reminder to Love and be loved in return.
Star Song brings the spiritual guidance that everyone has, to awareness. Through love we can be closer to ourselves and to our beloved ones alive or in the higher dimensions.
My inspiration for Star Song was the surprise and the thrill that I felt in me caused by a person’s heart that was closed with fear but was ready to be opened and to reveal itself to me so that I could see and feel its warmth and joy and the remembrance of deep love in it.
I felt that the happiness of this revelation and the love in my heart showed me the way back home to the loving light of my own guiding star and spiritual guides. Star Song was a gift that was already there waiting for me to receive and to share it.
No wonder that it was written in five minutes – music and lyrics!

Credits: Star Song was recorded, mixed and mastered at The Recording Studio, London. Production by Kristian Moller-Munar. Arrangements by Kristian Moller-Munar & Raphaela Gilla. Drums & Percussions by Joe Barboza. Video by William Glibovsky.
Thank you so much! Without you all this song wouldn’t be what it has become! ❤️⭐