Ancient Angel Album Cover


Ancient Angel Album was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at The Recording Studio London. 
This album is about the work that we do on earth and the help that we receive from the universe. 
Ancient Angel takes the listener on a journey to reunite with his/her own guardian angel. The journey begins with the track Remember Your Love, as a reminder for the unconditional eternal love, and ends with The Reunion, the reunion with your own guardian angel.  
The Reunion consists of three parts – Part One: The Ancient Call, Part Two: Coming Home, Part Three: I am Here With You. 
The Tracks Rember Your Love and the Reunion, three parts, were recorded in one session. These tracks were a pure intuitive channelled improvisation. Between these two tracks there are songs about the work that we do on earth, including the emotions that come with it, and the receiving of the help from the universe, that happens by itself. 
This album is in four languages: English, Hebrew, French and Language of the Heart – Lamoria – the Language of Light. 


Production by Kristian Moller-Munar.
Arrangements by Kristian Moller-Munar & Raphaela Gilla. 
Drums & Percussions by Joe Barboza 
All Vocals by Raphaela Gilla 

Ancient Angel Song List 

  1. Remember Your Love 
  2. Michael’s Mantra 
  3. Healing Heart 
  4. Star Song 
  5. Ecoute la terre 
  6. Hear My Voice 
  7. Wild Is The Wind (Written by Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington)
  8. The Love of All 
  9. The Reunion – The Ancient Call
  10. The Reunion – Coming Home 
  11. The Reunion – I’m Here With You 

You can listen to the album on all internet music platforms!!