Remeber Your Love Official Music Video

Remember Your Love of Ancient Angel album is a visual and musical vision that we manifested to a music video and sent it into the world as a Reminder of the Unconditional Love that we all came from- the Infinite Source of the creation of all.

We are all connected to this source if we want it or not only sometimes it is hard to remember, to believe or to feel and to acknowledge this Divine Love as an integral part of our true being.

Every day feels like a wonder when we remember to give place to our soul in our life, to cherish it and to follow our own special soul path while our soul essence is a Pure Unconditional Love. Our soul connects us to higher dimensions, it is like a channel, a bridge between our material being and the divine.

In the video there are elements of the Divine Feminine Aspect which represented by symbols such as cup or grail, the earth, nature, the moon circles etc. The Divine Feminine Aspect exists in every one of us and represents the Unconditional Love, the Soul, the Softness, the Receptive Mode, the Creation of New Life, the Ancient Wisdom, the Source of Nourishment, the Healing, Peace and Balance in our selves, in the world and beyond.

By creating and releasing this music and video we invite you to a magical, visual and musical meditation and journey which there to shift the frequencies and to guide to the path of light, the path of a healthy harmony between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine aspects within us.

This Music Video invites you to find your way back home by remembering to acknowledge, to nourish and to follow your soul, your instincts, your higher self and your spiritual being here and now in your life on this connected planet earth in order to feel Joy, Love, Freedom, abundance, positive energies and much more. It was a very deep and touching process to manifest this vision! We’re so grateful and hopping that it gives you in the way that it gave us ❤️


Remember Your Love was recorded in one take, produced, mixed and mastered at The Recording Studio London. Channeling vocals & music by Raphaela Gilla.
Visual Art by Arun Leander