Testimonial of Timour Pinel-Producer & Sound Engineer

An unknown force brought me to that bar one day for an open mic session. The bar was full and I asked for a chair, that’s how I came onboard a wonderful journey with Raphaela: bright on stage, friendly and a great source of positive energy.  
Her projects are amazing, she involves tons of great feelings and give women a central place. She has a lot of creative ideas to share and many life experiences to help open everybody’s mind. Working with Raphaela brings me beyond the walls of the room, beyond the borders of the country, in another space where only good exists. The strength and clarity of her voice reflect the strong and bright personality she has. 
If you listen to her music you will want to do good, to think good and to make the world better. She teaches that we can always be great and happy despite all. Humans can only win the internal fight.  
Listen to Raphaela’s music, support Raphaela and respect women are the only recommendations I can make to mankind. Use music and art to carry and share love and peace, so does Raphaela.

Timour Pinel-Producer & Sound Engineer, April 2021 Instagram @loasoo