Raphaela Gilla Reveals The Heavenly “Ancient Angel”

Raphaela Gilla, an Israeli born spiritual guide and vocal medium, has created a full album consisting of healing, spiritual experiences. Communicating with ancient spirit guides and being a messenger to our world through sound is her specialty. Gilla has combined her two passions, music and spirituality, to make Ancient Angel.
One of my favourite tracks on this record is “The Love of All,” where Raphaela uses beautiful piano and soothing vocals to convey her messages. She also sings in two languages: English and Lemurian (the language of light). This is a ballad that uses sounds to create a healing and safe space.
Raphaela uses exotic instruments such as bowls, gongs, shruti box and chimes in her music. This is super evident in the second track, “Michael’s Mantra.” This song is more fast-paced, and uses many more instruments it seems. This one makes me want to get up and dance, for sure.

Lauren Montgomery 12 Mar 2021

Raphaela Gilla Reveals The Heavenly “Ancient Angel” – Subba-Cultcha (subba-cultcha.com)