Raphaela Gilla is a singer, vocal-medium, composer and a spirtual guide. She was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Now she lives and works in London and Berlin. Her Jewish-Bulgarian, Polish and Spanish roots influenced her way of singing and granted her voice many colours and characters- from ritualistic shaman through native Balkan to heavenly angelic voices. This mixture of vocal styles defined her unique style as a singer and vocal- medium. Sharing her new single and video for “Star Song,” we catch up with Raphaela, below!
1. Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way?
Star Song is about personal, human matters which are universal. For we are all one, the universe is in us and every one of us is a universe full of lights, shadows, magical nature, beautiful colours and more.
The song and the video are meant to encourage humans to feel Unconditional Love. To love and be loved in return. The visualisation of the video was chosen to emphasize the transition from the micro to the macro – meaning, finding our inner light, our divine essence, our soul’s purpose, our inner love. The universe will reflect that back to us through colourful visions, messages. It reveals connections with our spiritual guides and divine beings from higher dimensions
The Star Song video was made to represent a spiritual journey from discovering the divine inner being to the expression of it outside in the world. The images, which are connected to our universe, are supporting and helping to represent this journey. 

2. What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?

The inspiration behind this video was my own spiritual journey of discovering Unconditional Love in a person’s heart that used to be closed with fear but opened itself to me so that I could feel the magical love in it.
That moment of revelation was so strong that it brought me back home to my own spiritual guiding star, who I had the luck to know in my life while she was still in this dimension, before she transformed to the higher dimension. The meetings with her were and still always bring me back home to myself, to the love of my guardian angel, to my higher inner self, to my inner light, to my crown, which plays a very important role in my life as well as in the video. The video represents the beautiful experience that brings unconditional, pure, true love, that everyone deserves to receive.
The crown emphasizes the Divine Feminine Aspect, which is a very important message and inspiration.
The Divine Feminine is on a journey. Her third eye is open and her crown chakra is present. She is awakened and observes the universe around her. She experiences the universe and its epic, colourful visions through her third eye and crown chakra with so much love, serenity and acceptance. The divine feminine aspect is “making love” with the universe in the video. The universe reminds her of who she really is and her original power and brings peace and healing to her soul. 
At the end of the video, the divine feminine embraces it all from her spirit to her center – her womb and belly. The universe and nature has fertilized her and she brings these treasures to the people. She nourishes them with her ancient, sacred knowledge and the universal gifts that she has received. Finally, she has been brought back to her source of energy, what brings balance to the 3-dimensional world.
The vocal experimental improvisations, the abstract shapes, and the colours in Star Song video are representing diverse elements. Blue represents the water element: deep wisdom and feelings. Red and orange represent the fire element: warmth, love, passion and strength. Green represents healing and wild nature. Purple represents the flame of inspiration and spirituality. Yellow & white represent the bright light of a star. Black represents the shadows. 

3. What was the process of making this video?

Star Song video was made over the course of 9 months from January until September 2020. It was like a pregnancy process.
Originally this video was supposed to be shot at a live concert in Berlin, Germany, and was planned to be edited as a live performance. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the concert was cancelled so the video producer and I had to come with another plan. 
We could not meet during the lock down, so our meetings turned into online conversations like every meeting at the time of the pandemic’s beginning. We came to the idea of the relevant status of the world in a time like this. Because Star Song is a song about unconditional love, coming back home to our souls through connecting with our spiritual guidance, about light and healing, we felt that this is the right moment to bring these themes into the world in the video as well. We had the need to create an authentic feature that supplies balance, love, light, positivity, and hope that wins over the fears, shadows and chaos, that activates an energetic shift, harmony and healing in humanity and in mother earth.
We looked for elements and images that create the universal, epic atmosphere that we wanted to achieve, which could serve the song’s message and provide a feeling of a huge, free space.
Due to the situation, the video producer and I weren’t allowed to bring assistants to the shooting day in the studio. According to the safety rules, only two people could be in one room/studio so the two of us had to find solutions to help each other. For example, the “making love” frames were all selfies, I had to hold the light, the video producer had to help me when my make-up ran down, etc
However, the difficult conditions didn’t affect our creative process, didn’t shade the high quality of art and the fun of making this video! Most of all they didn’t prevent the birth of the Star Song video into the world!

Jane Lambert 10-10-2020

Modern Mystery Video Voyageur: 3Qs with Raphaela Gilla