Raphaela Gilla is a Berlin-based musician and singer who is dedicated to helping others through her work as a Vocal Medium and Spiritual Guide. Her single “Star Song” is out now and it is the first track from her upcoming album Ancient Angel.
“I see my music as a new food, which has been offered to the people. It adds a new flavor to the world industry.  When one tries it and realizes that it has an interesting, exotic, new taste, which is not similar to anything that they have tasted before. You will be drawn in to taste it again and again till it becomes part of your breakfast because it’s too tasty and nourishing to leave off of the menu! It’s like a new, special, rich, sweet, and salty kind of butter with caramel, which has both gentle and intense flavors that melts on the tongue, opens the heart, warms the belly, frees the spirit, and fills the soul with lots of love vitamins.”
Compared to the likes of Lisa Gerrard, Diamanda Galas, Yael Naim, Raphaela’s voice is her superpower, and the control she showcases in “Star Song” is remarkable. Listen here:

Carl Johnson – October 16, 2020

HVY Journalist – Raphaela Gilla Shines Bright with “Star Song”