Israel born, Berlin and London based singer, composer, vocal medium and healer Raphaela Gilla has released her newest track, Star Song.
It’s a beautiful thing when someone who expresses themself through creative processes is in touch with their roots. Coming from a tradition of spirituality and shamanism, Raphaela Gilla is as much a music creator as she is a medium for using music and sound to heal…the mind, the body and the soul (or aura, energy, what have you).
In Raphaela’s words,
“The first time that I held a singing bowl in my hand I heard magical music, sounds and melodies that weren’t from this world. From this moment I knew that it’s my special gift, that I am here to bring heaven on earth, to bring the music that I hear to the people, to awaken, to open hearts, to bring love, light and healing to the world, to inspire and bring spiritual awareness to people’s lives, to bring all of us back home on this earth. These instruments are my faithful, inspiring, sound gates companions.”
The ambient, passionate, emotionally powerful ballad Star Song came to Raphaela after someone whose heart had been closed and filled with fear, opened up to themself and to Raphaela.
My inspiration for Star Song was the surprise and the thrill that I felt in me caused by a person’s heart that was closed with fear but was ready to be open and to reveal it self to me, so that I could see and feel it’s Warmth, Joy, and the Remembers of Deep Love in it.

Joshua (J.Smo) Smotherman October 12, 2020

Indie Music Discovery – Raphaela Gilla Channels the Energy of Love on Newest Single, Star Song