Raphaela Gilla, uses her incredible voice to bring light, love, and wonder to the music scene. Her voice is unlike anything we have ever heard, and brings chills to our body as we become engulfed in her newest release, “Star Song.”
STAR SONG is the First Single of Raphaela Gilla’s New Recording Album – ANCIENT ANGEL. This song is more than just music, or instruments and vocals produced together. This track is a testament to love. It brings the listener through the journey that love can bring someone on. 
When asked about how she wrote this track, Gilla said, “My inspiration for Star Song was the surprise and the thrill that I felt in me caused by a person’s heart that was closed with fear but was ready to be open…”
Love, just like music, is the universal language, and Raphaela captures the incredible magic of both with her latest release.

Indepedent Artist Buzz 18-09-2020

#NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: Raphaela Gilla’s “Star Song”