Mother Divine Healing Service

Mother Divine Meditation Video

She is awakened
She’s resting
Her eyes are closed
But she sees & feels it all
I feel her present
I hear her voice
She is there
And I sing her ❤️

This medative video and mantra is a magical birth of an amazing colaborative work with
Nikola Machova – Visual Art and Paintings –
Timor Pinel – Recordings and Production –
Yuval Miller – Master –
Ingo Hampe – Photo –
Thank You! ❤️

Mother Divine Single

I am thrilled to announce that Mother Divine: The universal goddess Mother Earth new Single (Radio Edit and Meditation Music Version) is out now on all music platforms!
It is a prayer 💛 it is a meditative mantra.💛 It is what it is and what it meant to be for you.🧡
Listen to Mother Divine (Radio Edit) here.
Listen to Mother Divine (Meditation Music Version) here