Summer Of The Soul Single Cover

Summer Of The Soul Single

So happy and excited to announce the official release of my new summer single-Summer Of The Soul on 13th August 2021.
You can listen to the song on all internet music platforms!
Summer Of The Soul came to me in the end of winter/beginning of spring this year. 
It was like a wish or something that I knew deep in me about the upcoming summer of this year- A summer of awakening of the soul. A summer of collective celebration of the soul energy. 
I felt that in this summer is the turn of the soul to express herself and to have her place in the material world more than the previous summers. 
In this Summer specially the sun brings the light, the sea brings the flow, the lover brings the butterflies, the ancient brings the wisdom, the nature brings the beauty and the strength to keep on going and fulfil our souls’ missions. 
To keep on going from the love that calls everyone! 
For all that we see is a reflection of our souls and we have the possibility to choose what to see as our soul reflection. 
Part of the spiritual awakening is to bring our soul in balance and harmony with the material world.  
We can do that by listening, giving room, acknowledging our soul and choosing the right perspective for her and also focusing on the balance between feminine and masculine aspects within ourselves. 
If you listen carefully to Summer Of The Soul you will hear and feel the feminine aspect in the melody and the vocals and the supportive masculine aspect in the rhythm, the breath in the percussions and in the grove. You will feel and hear the transformation in the end of the song and the purification that this song provides. 
Enjoy the process! 

Timour Pinel – Production, Sound Engineering 
Timour Pinel and Raphaela Gilla – Arrangement 
Yuval Miller – Mastering
Ingo Hampe – Photo 

Summer Of The Soul 
Calling to the summer breeze 
Now it’s a perfect time to call 
Calling the summer of the soul 
Calling to the lover’s kiss 
It is the time in love to fall 
This is the summer of the soul 
Aha… Aha… Aha… 
Calling to the ancient seas 
To come and wash the hearts of all 
Here comes the time of letting go 
Calling to the yellow heels 
It is a perfect time to call 
This is the time of coming home.  
Aha… Aha… Aha…