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Artist Statement and Bio

Raphaela Gilla’s Bio

Raphaela Gilla is a Singer, Vocal-medium, Music channeler and Spiritual creator. She was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Currently she lives and works in London and Berlin.

Her Jewish-Bulgarian, Polish and Spanish roots influenced her way of singing and granted her voice many colours and characters- from ritualistic shaman through native Balkan to heavenly angelic voices. This mixture of vocal styles defined her unique style as a singer and vocal-medium.
Her spiritual roots are a deep inspiration for her work as a messenger from a long, divine tradition of an ancient shaman tribe. By using her heavenly gifts that comes from an ancient source she channels the ancient knowledge through vocals, melodies, compositions and sounds. She channels sound beings from higher dimensions   that activate love, healing, the ancient goddess and bring the divine feminine to her original presence and strength.

In her concerts, recording albums and workshops Raphaela plays far East instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, Thai gongs, shaman drums, chimes and bells. 

 “The first time that I held a singing bowl in my hand I heard magical music, sounds and melodies that weren’t from this world. From this moment I knew that it’s my special gift, that I am here to bring heaven on earth, to bring the music that I hear to the people, to awaken, to open hearts, to bring love, light and healing to the world, to inspire and bring spiritual awareness to people’s lives, to bring all of us back home on this earth. These instruments are my faithful, inspiring, sound gates companions.” 

Raphaela’s powerful voice and her magical music brings a change of life and take the listener on a journey beyond time.